To hoop or not to hoop




  • Don’t hoop any fabric where the surface would be damaged by the pressure of the hoop e.g. velvet, velour, polar fleece.
    The collar or cuff of a finished garment will probably be too small to hoop. Some fabrics may damage the hoop because they are very thick or too stiff. Instead, hoop the stabiliser then stick the fabric to the stabiliser and also baste them together. Pile fabrics will need a topping too.
  • Hoop wherever possible but don’t use a hoop any bigger than you need. The fabric should be taut but not stretched or it will relax when you remove the hoop and show puckers. The screw on the hoop should not be overtightened.


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Mary Prior's 10 Tips for Machine Embroidery  - Embroidering on Difficult Fabrics
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