Hooping and Aligning



Fabric should be held taut in the hoop but not stretched or it will pucker when it is removed from the hoop and relaxes.

The horizontal and vertical lines of basting help you to hoop it without distorting it.

The lines of basting cross where you want the centre of the design to be.

Use the fine adjustment on the machine to place the needle exactly over this point.

Fabric and a layer of stabiliser are usually hooped together but an additional layer or two of stabiliser under the hoop is usually necessary.

Machine basting round the design also helps to keep the fabric in exactly the same position throughout the embroidery.

If the fabric shifts then parts of the design, particularly outlines, will not match up correctly.

Don't use a bigger hoop than you need as smaller hoops grip the fabric better.


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Mary Prior's 10 Tips for Machine Embroidery  - Embroidering on Difficult Fabrics
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